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ABOUT ME: During the winter months I live in the small beach town of Cambria, California near where my family lives.  The rest of the time I enjoy the beautiful mountains of Garrett County Maryland and Tucker County West Virginia.    I believe that people are kinder when they do yoga and I look for opportunities to teach in different environments that will allow me to introduce yoga to people that otherwise may not try it. I first discovered yoga to heal injury . I believe there is a yoga class for everyone and it's a matter of finding the right yoga for you. Find and register for classes here.


 I am passionate about  using yoga to manage and/or eliminate pain caused by common muscle imbalances (e.g. back, hips, hamstrings, neck/shoulders). In addition to being registered with the yoga alliance at the RYT E- 500 Level , I have completed 100 hours of advanced training in Yoga as a Healing Art: Physical and Psychological Strategies for Cultivating Wellness from the acclaimed Himalayan Institute. I also have advanced trainings in Integrated Positional Therapy(muscle alignment/neuromuscular relief),  Restorative, and Yin styles of Yoga. I received my RYT-500 certification through the renowned  Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. This includes 300 hours of Advanced Pranayama(breathing), Meditation, Advanced Asana (postures),  teaching special populations (pre-natal, teenagers, seniors, structural/back issues, trauma), and uniting yoga and  Ayurveda.  I thank and honor each of my teachers individually and collectively for their wisdom and generosity, Questions? Contact Sheri at or on FACEBOOK  or Instagram (links below).

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